What are the EasyITGuys available discounts?

Various discount options are available. We believe in establishing lasting and rewarding relationships so we offer unique discounts that can add up to 50% off any EasyITGuys service. Discounts are available by utilizing facebook, twitter, email, word of mouth, subscribing to our blog, and by subscribing to our newsletter.

Preferred events are also available to our twitter followers, facebook fans, newsletter subscribers, and blog subscribers. Preferred events were created to offer discounts and package promotions on products such as laptops, desktops, and on cool techie gadgets. We will advertise these preferred events at random times. You may also receive coupons and other promotional events in your email by signing up for our newsletter.

By helping EasyITGuys grow, we are excited and more than willing to help make your bill lighter. Just one more way we make your life easier.

When do I get these discounts?

You will recieve these discounts immediately during checkout, once we have verified that you have met the terms of the discount programs.

What are the specific discounts and what do I have to do?

  • Every 50 friends you suggest on facebook to check out the EasyITGuys Fan Page, you recieve 2% off your bill *Requires a live remote support session to verify
  • Post a link to the EasyITGuys Fan Page to your personal facebook profile and recieve 5% off your bill
  • Help Advertise EasyITGuys’s great pricing and services, Change your Facebook profile picture to the EasyITGuys facebook logo and receive 15% off your bill.
  • Tag yourself in the EasyITGuys Facebook Photo Labeled “Like IT Easy” and receive 5% off your bill
  • Take a picture with an EasyITGuys Expert, upload it to facebook, and tag yourself and EasyITGuys and receive 10% off your bill.
  • Follow us on twitter, recieve 2% off your bill
  • Perform an Easy Referral, meaning if you get someone to connect up to EasyITGuys live remote support for a free system checkup, you get 10% off your bill
  • Every referral email you send, with our refer a friend page, you receive 2% off your bill
  • Post a picture of your computer infection with a caption (virus scan results) on the EasyITGuys Facebook fan page and recieve 5% off your bill
  • Write a review of your experience on the EasyITGuys Facebook fan page and get 5% off your next purchase

Questions about EasyITGuys available discounts? Please call us at 1-888-818-EZIT (3948) or connect to live support.

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