What is Twitter?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a website that allows users to post what they are doing or thinking at any point in time. When a member posts something to their account it is called “tweeting”. This website has gained popularity by celebrities and normal folks alike. Members can follow any person or any topic by subscribing to that users page. Twitter is free and available to everyone. Click the link to follow EasyITGuys on Twitter:

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Why should I follow EasyITGuys on Twitter?

There are many benefits to following EasyITGuys on Twitter.

Benefits include:

  • Exclusive discount promotions available when you watch our “Tweets”
  • Amusement may follow as you see others dealing with computer problems
  • Instantly view activites of EasyITGuys Experts
  • Stay informed with real-time updates on news and other alerts

How do I follow EasyITGuys on Twitter?

To follow EasyITGuys on Twitter, you will need to create an account with Twitter. Creating an account is easy, fast (less than a minute), and free.


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