Why Use EasyITGuys?

Thank you for your interest in EasyITGuys. We strive to provide quality and easy full service solutions for our customers, friends, and family. We take a different approach to computer repair and technology solutions. Our approach is based on creating relationships with every customer and then adapting the available solutions to their unique lifestyle and needs. We accomplish this by offering a variety of innovative ideas and procedures. We also succeed by adapting our communication style to each of our clients by either speaking computer lingo or simple english. Our goal is to make your purchase and experience as simple and easy as possible. Please read below to see the “easy” difference.

Full Service Solutions

EasyITGuys is committed to offering a very dynamic line of services. Unlike some competitors, we can literally do everything for you ranging from consulting to services performed. For example, you are starting a digital photography business but you don’t have the equipment to do so on the computer end. After consulting with an Easy Expert, we will research the best products for you at the most affordable price. Not only will we purchase the equipment for you but we can also setup your new equipment in your own home or office. EasyITGuys is experienced and educated on the technologies that will best suit to your needs. We are committed to making your IT (information technology) life easy so you can be successful.

Easy Service Guarantee

EasyITGuys is committed to making everything easy so we are also going to make our service guarantee easy as well. While some guarantees seem more complicated than legit, ours is very simple. Any service or labor EasyITGuys performs on your machine has a 45 day service guarantee. For example, if we install a hard drive and you receive hard drive errors within 45 days we will do whatever is necessary to get that hard drive working like it did before it left EasyITGuys. Our guarantee applies only to labor performed. Any additional hardware or software that may malfunction will follow the manufacture warranties. Any installation of illegal software or other illegal activities, after EasyITGuys has performed the repair, will void any guarantee.

Pickup and Delivery Service

EasyITGuys enjoys making your life easy when it comes to computer technology. So, in any case, if a computer service escalates to where we physically need the machine at our office, we will pick the computer up and drop it back off when the service is complete. This way you won’t have to worry about disassembling and reassembling your computer. We are easy and we will prove it.

24/7 Support Available

EasyITGuys understands that computer problems happen at the most inconvenient times. EasyITGuys offers emergency (special pricing) support service that is 24/7. So at the most inconvenient time we can help.

Loaner PC Available

We understand that you have papers due or work to finish at home so we offer loaner computers when we are fixing your computer to help reduce any downtime. At a flat rate of $30, we supply you with a laptop that has internet browsing capabilities and Microsoft Office preloaded so you never miss a beat. The other great thing about our Loaner PC program is that you get to use the loaner pc for as long as it takes EasyITGuys to repair your computer. Whether it’s a day, a week or a year there is no extra charge for you to maintain and use the loaner PC.

Flexible Payment Options

EasyITGuys is very versatile when it comes to paying for your service. We make it easy by accepting every major credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, AmEx) and Paypal. Our payment methods are fully secure and encrypted for your protection. We can also take credit cards over the phone and through E-mail invoices.

Special Discounts Available

EasyITGuys understands that in these rough economic times people are always looking to catch a break or find a great deal. EasyITGuys wants to help out as many people as we can in the IT world. With your help we want to reward you accordingly. Here is a easy break down of how our Special Discount program works:

  • For every 50 Facebook friends you suggest to become a fan of the EasyITGuys Fan Page you get 2% off.
  • For every E-mail referral you get 1% off.
  • If you follow EasyITGuys on twitter you get 2% off.
  • If you perform a Easy Referral, meaning you get someone to connect up to EasyITGuys live remote support for a free system checkup, you get 10% off.

These discounts added up can give you a total of 50% off of your service with EasyITGuys. This discount only applies to installations and labor. By helping EasyITGuys grow, we are excited and more than willing to help make your bill lighter by saying Thank You and giving you these special discounts.

Competitive pricing

EasyITGuys understands that this is a cutthroat business and we are dedicated to making sure you get one of the best deals out there. Our service and labor is competitively priced. By consulting, we will make sure you are getting one of the lowest deals possible for any equipment that you purchase with our help.

Windows and Mac support

EasyITGuys understands that today’s IT industry is extremely dynamic when it comes to Windows or Mac. So whether you have a Mac or a PC, EasyITGuys can handle both.

Refund Policy

EasyITGuys does not refund any services once the work has been performed. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the service you requested. All products have a 14 day return policy along with a 15% restocking fee.

Professional and Easy Service

EasyITGuys thrives on a job well done and building relationships. This means that we are here to provide service that is of the highest caliber. EasyITGuys believes in a very personable service. With our help you will understand the details of your problem as well as what is needed to fix it. We can assure that you will be completely satisfied with your decision of choosing EasyITGuys.

EasyITGuys has a professional quality control program that provides consistent and powerful services. Each Easy Expert will write documentation of work completed, future suggestions, and any other notables making the client feel like a friend rather than a stranger. We want to build relationships with all of our clients so after 30 days we will contact you for a personal follow up. If needed we will help you with any new issues that may come up. Our full service solutions thrive in making and keeping all our customers in an EasyIT lifestyle.

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