Computer Hardware Diagnostics

Making sure that the hardware in your computer is still in tip-top shape

What are computer hardware diagnostics?

Computer hardware diagnostics is the process that an EasyITGuys expert will run on your computer to determine if any of your computer’s hardware is failing or starting to fail. Diagnostics consist of over 60 different tests can take upwards of 16 hours to complete.

Basically, we make your computer run a triathlon, then when it finishes, we run it through a marathon, and then if it still is alive we give your computer a clean bill of health. The general rule of thumb is that if your computer passes diagnostics you should have a few good years of life left in it.

Why would I need to put my computer through Hardware Diagnostics?

Everyone can benefit from having their computer’s health checked on. We perform various inspections to ensure that your pc is safe, optimized, and running the way it is supposed to.

Common reasons for needing a computer health checkup are:

  • Slow Computer Performance
  • Annoying Popups
  • Weird Sounds coming from inside the computer
  • Computer is doing things by itself
  • Recieving alerts that you are infected by a virus
  • You can’t install a program or piece of hardware

What do we do for Basic Diagnostics?
An EasyITGuys IT Expert will:

  • Connect up to your computer
  • Scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and other malicious infections
  • Inspect your computers operating system for system errors
  • Check the security of your computers operating system
  • Check your wireless network for security problems (if applicable)
  • Recommend solutions for any problems found


Basic Diagnostic time frames can vary greatly. Times will vary based on your individual computer’s hardware, age, and level of problems. That being said, the majority of inspections will be done within 24 hours

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