• Philip Schmitz Avatar

    The Staff took the time to work with me after I had lighting damage in the summer of 2015. They helped me put a new computer system plan together and worked with my insurance company the whole way.

    Philip Schmitz 12/20/2015
  • Dan PegLeg Thone Avatar

    The Easy people fixed my laptop and did it for a reasonable price.

    Dan PegLeg Thone 2/02/2016
  • Sharron Lofgren Avatar

    Have had wonderful service. So polite and kind. Thanks a bunch for helping me.

    Sharron Lofgren 1/20/2017
  • Linda Nelson Avatar

    These guys are experienced, personable, knowledgeable, polite, and are the best at what they do. Josh was all of these things, and also very patient with this novice tech person. I so appreciate their help and kindness. Everyone with tech devices should consider dealing with them. ... read more

    Linda Nelson 5/02/2017
  • Larry Salmon Avatar

    I am always confident that after maintenance has been done on my computer that I am safe to do all my business on-line. I have worked with Josh and he has met my computer needs on a timely manner. He is very business friendly and listens to my concerns.... read more

    Larry Salmon 6/05/2017
  • Charles Van Duynhoven Avatar

    I work with an excellent team. We make our clients our number 1 priority and always aim for their complete satisfaction. We are honest, knowledgeable and extremely hard working. I'm very proud of the impact we make on the community around us and for their AMAZING support. I'm honored to... read more

    Charles Van Duynhoven 3/08/2016
  • Jim Tiffany Avatar

    josh, was very helpful to day an got my printer setup corrected. Thanks

    Jim Tiffany 5/02/2017
  • Richard J. Hartung Avatar

    These guys are all about customer service! Give them a try!!

    Richard J. Hartung 12/14/2016
  • Janita Nwachukwu Avatar

    Your team is awesome, THANK YOU so much for helping out our business. We will keep coming back and referring you to others. Best service in the river valley!!

    Janita Nwachukwu 12/23/2013
  • don martin Avatar

    Thank you Sean for all your help and support!

    It was time for the company to have an actual network set up.

    Working with Easy IT Guys, I new that we were in good hands. With Sean's help we purchased new computers, got the network set up, and he did the... read more

    don martin 10/19/2017
  • Kaysie Streff Avatar

    te. hey are always with me. th e price they say is what you pay. i as tell everyone aboutl you.. you guys are the best

    Kaysie Streff 1/05/2014
  • Matt Jones Avatar

    Best computer repair service around. When I'm in the area, I don't even think about calling anyone else!

    Matt Jones 3/11/2015
  • Joshua Shores Avatar

    Everyone went out of their way to help me with a software update issue with my smartphone. Highly recommended!

    Joshua Shores 10/03/2017
  • Nancy Kisler Avatar

    I would be lost if I did not have these guys to call on when I have a problem with my computer,, Even when I have stopped in just for advice they are always smiling and always know a fix. You should take advantage of there VIP offer. I... read more

    Nancy Kisler 11/14/2016
  • James Hunter Avatar

    Thank you EasyITGuys for rescuing my computer and saving me the expense of purchasing a new one. But most of all for saving me the months of work it would have taken to recreate the files I could have lost, not to mention losing those files that could not have... read more

    James Hunter 6/21/2016
  • Lee Olson Avatar

    Owen and Willy were very friendly and helpful and made suggestions for the computer problem but did exactly what I wanted done and did not add anymore expense. They were very helpful explaining things, calming my fears and took care of the problem quickly since its my work computer. This... read more

    Lee Olson 4/27/2018
  • Cris Peterson Avatar

    We've been working with EasyITGuys for 5 years and have had wonderful, fast, expert service every time we need them. This week one of their technicians visited our business and successfully transferred our entire computer operations to a new computer and monitors. They also reconfigured a very complicated WiFi system... read more

    Cris Peterson 9/28/2017
  • Ron Hanson Avatar

    Sean was here for an appt. today an did a wonderful job.

    Ron Hanson

    Ron Hanson 7/17/2017
  • Gina Grinde Misfeldt Avatar

    Stellar communication, highly recommend this company for computer repairs and updates!

    Gina Grinde Misfeldt 4/08/2014
  • Emily Koecher Chelberg Avatar

    Chuck built my website and completely made our vision a reality. Excellent service, knowledgeable, professional, and listened to everything I wanted!! Thanks again, would recommend them for all your website building needs!

    Emily Koecher Chelberg 6/02/2017
  • Cathy Olson Avatar

    Easy IT Guys have been fantastic to work with. They are prompt and helpful!

    Cathy Olson 1/15/2018
  • Ryan Bald Avatar

    EasyITGuys has been a great company for us to work with! We typically deal with Jacob. He is fast, reliable, polite and a pleasure to work with. Thanks EasyITGuys!

    Ryan Bald

    Beyond The Office Door, LLC

    Ryan Bald 12/02/2016
  • Nancy Potek Avatar

    Josh did a professional job. He was concise and thorough though out the session. He treated me as a partner as we went trough the session. I never felt patronized even though I do not have strong technical skills.

    We accomplished everything that was on my list and more. Josh always... read more

    Nancy Potek 4/11/2018
  • Ruby Payton Avatar

    I have been with EasyITGuys for years and have only gotten the best of service and the kindness of the employees helps me as I'm not very smart on computers. Today Josh helped me and was very attentive. My wish would be that they open a store in Arizona.

    Ruby Payton 7/27/2017
  • Kirsten Bloom Avatar

    We use Easyit for all our technology needs and they do great work. Fast and efficient

    Kirsten Bloom 8/07/2017
  • David Anderson Avatar

    I just had Josh work on my computer. I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to solve my problem. He was easy to work with and very patience with me as I am not a computer whiz.. I would highly recommend EastITGuys for computer... read more

    David Anderson 10/24/2017
  • Calvin S Avatar

    Always a pleasant experience to work with these experts. Josh worked with me and was able to solve my problem. Thanks Josh & Easy IT Guys...

    Calvin S 5/16/2018
  • Alison R. Hoefs Avatar

    My company uses EasyIT for all of our technology needs and they are GREAT. We have many employees with varying degrees of computer knowledge and comfort and the EasyITguys know how to work well with everyone. They do a really good job of making you feel comfortable and... read more

    Alison R. Hoefs 7/31/2017
  • Allen Peek Avatar

    Josh was quick, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. We feel lucky to have found EasyITGuys. They Rock!!!!

    Allen Peek 12/14/2017
  • Nancy Potek Avatar

    Josh did a professional job. He was concise and thorough thoughout the session. He treated me as a partner as we went trough the session. I never felt patronized even though I do not have strong technical skills.

    We accomplished everything that was on my list and more. Josh always had... read more

    Nancy Potek 4/18/2018

“Awesome! I am very happy with the Easy IT Guys. Very helpful and quick to help you. Nice people and great to deal with.”
Jim S.,
River Valley Graphics
June 10th 2014

“The calendar issue is completely resolved! :)
Tonight M1 is going to be re-installed on my computer, then all will be good.”
Lisa D.,
Forest Lake, MN
June 24th 2014

“Great support - thanks.”
Marlys D.,
Chisago, MN
June 13th 2014

“We appreciate your help and advice. We look forward to modifying our backup routine to simplify our lives!!! Thank you!!”
Craig S.,
Grantsburg, WI
June 11th 2014

“We are so thankful to be able to call on you for help. You have been professional, cordial, efficient, and effective every time.”
Judy S.,
Balsam Lake, WI
June 4th 2014

“Doing fine. No problems here.”
Peter M.,
Dresser, WI
June 2nd 2014

“I do better with specific steps written down, and hands-on experience. I took notes. Thank you!”
Sharon B.,
St. Croix Falls, WI
May 29th 2014

“You are doing great.”
Carol O.,
Balsam Lake, WI
May 28th 2014

“You knew there was an issue immediately when our NAS froze during the update software process. It took a day to get the NAS people to fix it, but he was on them!! We are now incredibly faster than we ever were with this NAS.
Thanks! and have a great Memorial Day weekend!”
Kim S.,
Grantsburg, WI
May 22nd 2014

“I was impressed by the promptness and courtesy of all the technicians I have worked with. I will definitely continue to use your services.”
St. Croix Falls, WI
May 21st 2014

“Appreciated the interest and resolve to help me with my problem. It was done in a timely manner.”
Vinita E.,
St. Croix Fall, WI
April 1st 2014

“It was great as usual. Windows updated and since then I’ve been having trouble with graphics Nvidea updated either that or it was my kid lol.”
Chris R.,
November 3rd 2014

“Sean was great, helpful & knowledgeable!”
Michelle A.,
Menomonie, WI
September 13th 2014

“You guys are great. You always come through for us.”
Deborah R.,
August 29th 2014

“You need improvement on timing estimates, otherwise your staff is really great and my experience would have been a pleasant one if it hadn't taken so long! Thanks for the good service!”
Sarah H.,
August 21st 2014

“I want to thank you for remotely fixing my computer and downloading the Webroot. If you open a store here in Sioux Falls I will become your customer here. Thank you so much.”
Ruby P.,
Lindstrom, MN
August 14th 2014

“Sometimes it's tricky to set up times that work for you gentlemen to work on my laptop since I work from home, 9-5. But (so far) every time I've had an issue service is prompt, professional, & most importantly successful! Great team of guys, I'm glad my company has a contract with your business!”
Farrah D.,
St. Croix Falls, WI
August 11th 2014

“You guys did a fantastic job for me. The cost was reasonable and I have already recommended you to my friends. I will definitely be seeing you guys again.”
Darlene J.,
Grantsburg, WI
October 26th 2015

“Keep the positive attitude and willingness to help. Although my repair took longer than expected, I know you guys will always try to accomplish a repair in as timely and as accurate time frame you can. Illnesses, family issues and other things will always sneak up and bite a small business when it least expects; nor wants it.”
Tim k.,
Cushing WI.,
March 22nd 2016

“I was very happy that Easyitguys were able to recover most of my contacts after I had my computer rebuilt.”
Greg M.,
Balsam Lake, WI
March 5th 2016

“I think you've got a good process. It is set up to minimize bad surprises for the customer, which, I'm sure you know, are not a good thing.”
Steven M.,
St. Croix Falls, WI

“Everyone was always polite and informed and helped me in an easy to understand manner!”
Sue H.,
Grantsburg, WI
April 26th 2016

“You are my go to guys! Have recommended you to business associates.”
Nancy O.,
Luck, WI
April 10th 2016

“I appreciated the time and expertise given to my situation.”
Erika R.,
Milltown, WI
March 19th 2016

“Very friendly, quick, knowledgeable and helpful!”
Megan S.,
Webster, WI
March 2nd 2016

“Each time we have been to the Easy It Guys for help they
have been very patient and kind and helpful to us we have
mostly dealt with Sean & Jacob they have been wonderful
to us Thank You for all your help it is great to have this service
in our area.”
Nancy P.,
Osceola, WI
January 12th 2016

“Fantastic service, our expert was so helpful and spent the time to explain things to us. We will definitely use Easyitguys again and refer them to all our friends and family!”
Jeff V.,
Hugo., MN
January 1st 2016

“You are all doing very well! The 2nd. question I answered with good, because the part you built in to my MacBook had a small issue. However, this has been a fault of the retailer and not your fault.”
Dino C.,
Osceola, WI
February 25th 2015

“IT was an awesome experience. Very excited you have the monthly care packages as this takes stress off my plate. Great work. Beyond awesome service - that is why we are staying.
Way to go on raising the bar for IT services!”
August 12th 2015

“I have recommended your service to several close friends. that is the best review I would ever give.”
Renee P.,
Grantsburg, WI
August 7th 2015

“My I.T. expert helped me resolve multiple problems that hit my phone, internet and cell phone simultaneously. He made multiple calls to the phone company and stuck with me until everything was working properly again. I was very impressed by his patience and kindness with me, as I am definitely not a techie. I actually learned a lot through the process, which was also helpful. I sincerely appreciate Chris and his dedicated service to our company and us as individuals!”
Carolyn L.,
August 19th 2015

“It never ceases to amaze me how great your services are.
My expert got me up & scanning from SCF all the way down in Ft. Myers Beach.
Don't know what I did (as maintaining/managing the office equipment is not my forte) ... before you guys came along.”
Many thanks,
Linda H., Broker/Owner At The Lake Realty
Balsam Lake, WI
October 7th 2015

“I'm extremely pleased with the service and friendliness of all the reps. I am particularly pleased with your attitude & uplifting energy. My only disappointment is that I do not like the printer I bought through Easy IT Guys. It's been giving me nothing but trouble. I have to keep calling Epson customer service just to get it print simple tasks. I'd order to return it to get something that isn't so frustrating to use.
Renee B.,
Taylors Falls, MN
October 10th 2015

“Everyone at Easyitguys are very nice and care about your problem.
I will let my friends know that they can bring their computer in to them and have NO problem with them, they are efficient and they do a good job and are willing to help out.”
Pam S.,
Dresser, WI
October 5th 2015

“Doing a great job, keep it up! It's nice to have the up to date status via email, providing you have another means of receiving it while your computer is getting fixed. Thanks for the great service, and not having to ship it out of state!!!”
Dan & Kathy
Luck, WI
September 23rd 2015

 “Very helpful. Even after I got my computer home and had one cord
in my hand and couldn't figure out where to plug it in. All it took was a call and I had my answer.”
I will be referring my friends!
Thanks Guys!
Dianna E.,
Frederic, WI
September 12th 2015

“Everyone is very helpful. I worked with two experts, both were very helpful. Since I don't always understand what is going on, with my computer, they are very patient explaining.”
Mary S.,
Osceola, WI
December 15th 2015

“Chris did a great job, got my printer hooked up super fast.”
Sharon S.,
Dresser, WI
August 31st 2014

“We had 2 issues for Easy IT to resolve: faster computer operation and to get our existing printer in wireless mode with fax auto answer working.
I am happy to report that our goals were met. Your advice and service has been much appreciated. Although sometimes I felt a little rushed through the process my questions were answered patiently. I dealt with several of your crew and they were all most helpful.
We are very pleased with the Lenovo CPU that was recommended.
We have been using it for one week now. Our gang here at World Hqtrs aka Osceola AeroSport are smiling, thank you.”
Carolyn J.,
Osceola, WI
August 29th 2014

“We really appreciate your quick response to resolving our IT problems. In this instance, you were waiting for us to retrieve our email passwords so you would be able to fix our issue. During the call to Centurytel we were finally connected to the right person and he was able to help us fix it. Everything is up and running for now!”
Ginger B.,
St. Croix Falls, WI
August 22nd 2014

“I am very happy with the service that was provided. Any question that was asked was answered and explained so I could understand what I needed to do for the setup of my printer. Excellent service please keep up the great work. I will send business your way for sure if anyone needs a new computer or service on their systems.”
Denise E.,
Everson Concrete
Osceola, WI
July 5th 2014

“My only advice is for you to move to Sioux Falls! lol. Thank you for a job well done.”
Ruby P.,
Lindstrom, MN
June 20th 2015

“Chris handled all of my issues quickly. Then I found other issues I had forgotten about and he fixed my personal settings for me. Very good and fast service. Thank you Chris!”
Scott B.,
Grantsburg, WI
May 29th 2015

“I have never had such excellent service! I don't know how you train your staff but you are doing it the right way! I wish more businesses cared about customer service the way your company does! Thx so much!”
Mary B.,
Osceola WI
January 28th 2015

“Thanks for fixing my computer to the fullest. I appreciate having local help with computer needs because I am not savvy in this area at all. Thank you again for your patience with me and getting things done perfectly when issues came up.”
Denyce M.,
Dresser WI
May 28th 2015

“you guys are the best never leave the area.”
James M.,
Frederic, WI
May 23rd 2015

“Very happy with your service. I dealt with 3 people with computer all were very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks for great service.”
Karen S.
St. Croix Falls, WI
April 28th 2015

“It is nice that there is someone local to work with computer issues, thanks.”
Douglas C.,
St. Croix Falls, WI
August 6th 2014

“Everyone at Easy IT Guys have been wonderful with all their support over the phone and in house work performance. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of computer concerns. Thanks guys!”
Penny C.,
Frederic, WI
August 18th 2014

“I am so pleased. Your tech guys are awesome. you did a great job handling my computer, getting it all back to normal. I can't say enough praise for you, he was able to get my printer online so both our computers can now print online. They both are very courteous and could not be more helpful. I will highly recommend EasyITGuys to all my friends. Thank You.”
Sharon S.,
August 7th 2014

Greg Knighton,
Beyond The Office Door
Schofield WI
December 10th 2014

“We have never worked with a group that kept in contact in the way that you did. This is our first real experience with a group like yours and would recommend you for any and everyone. Keep up the good work and please let us know when you are in your new facility and have various classes available. Thanks again.”
Ethel D.,
Luck, WI
November 17th 2014

“My laptop works great.  the weird stuff it was doing has disappeared! Very happy. Everybody was helpful and explained in ways even I could understand. Were very willing to help with my special requests. Very happy.”
Leesa B.,
Osceola, WI
November 17th 2014

“Good service and very helpful.”
Karen D.,
Centuria, WI
November 9th 2014

“As always I was very happy with the friendly service and the quick return of my computer and a job well done at a reasonable price. Thank You.”
Thomas G.,
Croixland Cleaning LLC.
Saint Croix Falls, WI
November 6th 2014

“You have always been courteous and helpful! Thank you so much.”
Christy & Jeff S.,
Cushing, WI
November 3rd 2014

“It's still in process, but I should get my computer back tomorrow from you. We've done a lot of business with you and we've always been satisfied with your efforts and service.”
Phil P. Sr.,
September 4th 2014


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