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Revline Inc. Avatar
Revline Inc.

I was having problems with emails and Josh helped me right away and solved the problem. I appreciated the prompt service.

LaVonne Thompson Avatar
LaVonne Thompson

The Easy IT Guys make adjustments to your computer online. It's simple and easy... Just like their name says!

Calvin S Avatar
Calvin S

Always a pleasant experience to work with these experts. Josh worked with me and was able to solve my problem. Thanks Josh & Easy IT Guys...

Mary Hepinstall Avatar
Mary Hepinstall

I was having some issues with my computer and was in town for a couple of days. Owen was quick to help me prior to going back to MN. I am not a member and appreciated how they followed up and took care of some issues I was still having after I got home. Thanks Owen!

Cara Greiner Avatar
Cara Greiner

This place is the best. Great customer care service.

Kristen Aarnio Avatar
Kristen Aarnio

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and eager to help. They are always professional and try to explain things in layman's terms for those who are technologically stunted. They always do great work!

David Anderson Avatar
David Anderson

I just had Josh work on my computer. I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to solve my problem. He was easy to work with and very patience with me as I am not a computer whiz.. I would highly recommend EastITGuys for computer repair and maintenance .

Nancy Swenson Avatar
Nancy Swenson

When we bought our new computer from Easy IT Guys a year ago, we purchased the VIP Gold Plan. We made the decision to bring it in for an annual going over, and the Gold Plan made the whole process so simple, from calling for an appointment until we picked it back up again. We had noticed some "freezing" when on the internet, and the guys were able to advise that a new, different hard drive would solve the problem. Our computer is back home again, responding perfectly and much, much faster. Thank you, Easy IT Guys, for simplifying the care of our computer. It's reassuring to know that we are in good hands.


I have used EasyITGuys twice in two emergency situations (of my own making) and they have pulled through for me each time, talking me down off the ledge at first and then fixing my problem with speed and accuracy. I have no reservation recommending them to anyone and they are my first go-to when I need help. I am a grateful and happy customer.

Dan Lucas Avatar
Dan Lucas

After receiving a computer from my dad I found it to have a temper and many issues. Easy I.T. Guys found solutions to those problems. Today I am very happy with their service. Thank you Easy I.T Guys. Job well done.

Cathryn Sundquist Avatar
Cathryn Sundquist

My computer crashed, they fixed it, kept my data, and had it back to me within a week. Very easy to work with, I'm an old lady and not computer literate at all, they were patient and taught me what I need to know. I highly recommend them.

Ray Rowe Avatar
Ray Rowe

My experience with Easy IT Guys was very rewarding, Andrew was very knowledgeable in every phase of the reconstruction of my computer and all of its information on it. My knowledge of computers is about a 2 on a scale of 1-10 so I was very appreciative of his patience and knowledge.
Thank you, Ray Rowe