What is a Wireless Network Setup?

A wireless network setup is the process of configuring your wireless compatable devices to work together in a secured network without the use of wires. Common devices connected to a wireless network are laptop computers, wireless printers, and gaming systems. The most important part of setting up a wireless network is encrypting your network to prevent unauthorized access.

How did I get this problem?

This is not considered a problem unless you are setting up your network without the proper security settings. Without setting up the proper security settings, your network will be accessable by anyone that has a device that can pickup a wireless signal. A few common devices that can pick up wireless signals are laptops, some wireless phones, and desktop computers. Without security, someone can look at your computers and the informaiton on them.

What could happen if I don’t do anything?

Consequences of not getting your network setup correctly and securely could cause the following problems:

  • Slow internet performance since anyone can use your wirless internet connection. They use your internet for free!
  • Breach of security on your network
  • Unauthorized access to your computer and personal files

What can EasyITGuys do?

  • Setup proper security protocols are on your network
  • Connect your wireless devices to the network
  • Optimize your networks performance settings
  • Customize your network to your needs

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