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Company Overview

Computer Repair and Technology Solutions

EasyITGuys is committed to provide easy-non-stressful solutions for users when they encounter computer problems. We specialize in virus, spyware, malware, adware, bloatware, worms, trojans and other security threat removal. We also offer computer diagnostics, upgrades, recycling, consulting, training, data backup, and data recovery solutions. On Oct 15th, 2010, we launched our first retail store where we help our clients reach inner peace with their computers. We also compliment their experience with new technology products, services, and accessories.

EasyITGuys offers onsite, instore, and online remote support so our “IT Experts” can offer our clients convenient repair solutions. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a personable and honest working relationship. By offering unique discount engagement solutions, we are able offer superior pricing solutions compared to the rest of the repair industry. Our goal at EasyITGuys is to help ensure computers and other IT electronics work at their full capacity while delivering an easy, friendly, and engaging customer experience.

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