Data Backup and Data Recovery

What Data Backup means and how we can help?

What do we mean by ‘Backing up your data’?
Backing up your data means having a copy of all of your files, settings and, programs somewhere safe in case something happens to your computer. We suggest that you make a backup that is away from your home in case something happens to your home or business.
My files is gone! How can you help?
If you have a data backup that we can recover your files and settings from, we can most certainly help you out with getting those files. However if you did not back up your data, we can try our best to recover the data from whatever media your files are stored on.
What do we do when I lost my data with no backup?
We can most certainly make an attempt at recovering your data. We can’t guarantee results but here is what we would do in such a scenario:
  1. You bring your computer or media that the files are stored on
  2. We determine what stage of data recovery is necessary
  3. We attempt to recover the files, if we fail, we will let you know and what your options are.
What are the stages of data recovery?
We have 3 stages for data recovery that we can do: Stage 1 – Recovering the data from a working medium (You accidentally erased a file, oops!) Stage 2 – Recovering the data from a partially working drive. We will try to copy as much data as we can from it. Stage 3 – Recovering the data from a defective non-working drive.
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