What they are and how we can help

How does the Computer Recycling and Trade-in Program work?
The computer recycling and trade-in program work hand in hand. Basically, if your computer has windows xp or newer on it, it qualifies for our recycling and trade-in program.

Currently, we are only recycling and accepting trade-ins for desktop and laptop computers (no monitors).

What if my computer doesn’t work anymore or has serious problems?
Even if your computer is not functioning, has a serious virus infection, or is outdated, it still qualifies for our recycling or trade-in program.

What do you do with my old computer?
We have various uses for your old computer. We may recycle, rebuild, or reuse your old computer.

Why should I recycle or trade-in my old computer?
You should recycle or trade in your old computer because:

  • We may pay you for your old computer or give you a special discount off a new computer purchase.
  • We offer this service for free
  • Other options (garbage pickup, electronic recycling) can cost $25 or more
  • It is the environmentally responsible thing to do
  • We will show your old computer the love that it deserves


How do I sign up for the computer recycling or trade-in program?
To find out what your computer is worth, feel free to contact us

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