What can we do for you today?

Device Health Checkup

Let an EasyITGuy’s Expert do all the hard work. We’ll check out your computer and provide you with solutions to fit your needs. The best part is that the cost of the computer health checkup will be applied to whatever repair solution that you choose.

Blue Screen of Death Diagnosis

Find out exactly why your computer is unhappy then fix the problem.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Remove all nasty infections and bring your computer back to life

Data Backup and Recovery

Don’t lose your photos and personal documents! We will secure, scan, and clean your data to ensure your data is virus free and intact. Recover deleted and damaged data.

Hardware Diagnostics

Is your computer making weird noises or running incredibly slow? Your computer might have hardware problems.

New Computer Setup

Take away your new computer frustration and let the Easy Experts handle the hours of work involved in a new computer setup and optimization.

Computer Tune-up

Speed up your computer by optimizing performance settings and cleaning up your operating system (recommended once per year).

Install and Configure new or old Software

Install, configure, and test any software title.

Computer Recycling and Trade-in Program

Install, configure, and test your printer to work correctly with your computer.

Install and Configure old or new hardware

Install, configure, and test new hardware in your computer.

Technology Consultation

Choose the easy way. An EasyITGuy’s Easy Expert will do everything it takes to get you the perfect solution. We work for you.