Technology Consulting

What is Technology Consulting and how we can help?

What is Technology Consulting?
Technology consulting is a service that EasyITGuys offers to help ease the pain of doing research and competitive shopping. Our EasyITGuys Experts are trained to ask you the right questions so we can find the perfect product and service that compliments your unique lifestyle and needs. Don’t worry about competitive shopping, we will shop a minimum of 5 stores and share the results with you. We even offer services to buy the product for you and deal with any pesky sales people so you don’t have to. As a premium solution, we will spend up to 3 hours with you, at the store of your choice, and help you with all your purchasing needs.
Why should I pay someone to help me?
Simply and easily stated, we always save our customers money, time, and frustration. We accomplish this by utilizing our comprehensive competitive shopping experiences, bargaining tactics, and need based recommendation system to get you the best product at the best price. Sometimes we even save our customers more money that the actual technology consulting cost. When we are helping you buy products from other companies, our only interest is in making sure that you are completely satisfied with your consulting experience and that you get the complete solution. If you are not completely satsified with your consulting experience, we will work with you until we make it right. Note: If you choose to do all your purchasing through the EasyITGuys Easy Store, the technology consulting fee will be applied towards your purchase.
What could happen if I don’t do anything?
Consequences of not using our technology consulting service could cause the following problems:
  • Spending more money than you need too
  • Interaction with rude, smelly, sales people
  • Not getting the right product the first time
  • Lots of wasted time
  • You could become overly upset
What can EasyITGuys do?
  • Help you with all purchasing questions and decisions
  • Ease the pain of dealing with sales people you don’t know
  • Take care of the entire purchase for you
  • Provide a truely unique and easy buying experience
  • Use our expertise and experience to help you get the best product at the lowest possible price
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