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Verify your authorisation for domain {domainname}

You can verify your authorisation for the domain by either responding to one of the standard email addresses below, adding a TXT entry to the domain, adding a meta tag to the HTML at the root of the domain or uploading a .txt file to the site. Leave this page open until the process is complete otherwise you'll need to start again from scratch.

Verify by Email

Verifying by email is the fastest way to confirm ownership of the domain. You can verify by using one of several pre-defined addresses for the domain.

Verify by meta tag

Place the following meta tag in the head of the page at the root of the domain:
<meta name="have-i-been-pwned-verification" value="3c89308f7c344de64ddbf085405a0192">
This meta tag should be publicly accessible at {domainname}

Verify by file upload

Upload a file to the root of the domain with the following name and contents:
This file should be publicly accessible at {verifyfilelocation}

Verify by domain TXT record

You can create a TXT record on the domain if it's not a subdomain. The record should have the following value:

Good news — no pwnage found!

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