Blue Screen of DEATH

What the Blue Screen of Death is and how we can help

What is the Blue Screen of Death?

Blue Screens of Death (B.S.O.D) are the screens that occur when you have a Fatal Exception Error. Fatal Exception errors are very serious. They generally occur when the operating system is becoming unstable or if you are having a hardware failure.

Blue Screens of Death, as the name states, means your computer is having serious software or hardware problems. Contact an EasyITGuys Easy Expert as soon as possible before the problem gets worse.

Blue Screens of Death is one of the leading causes for data loss. Please contact us to see what we can do to save and rescue your photos, music, work, financial documents, and memories. It is highly recommended that you completely stop using your computer when you experience a Blue Screen of Death because you could further damage your computer


How did I get this problem?

The Blue Screen of Death can occur due to:

  • Hardware in your computer that is failing or has failed
  • Virus or spyware infections
  • Movements such as drops, shakes, jolts, and even everyday movements of carrying your computer with you
  • Power surges or brownouts
  • Overheating from dust build-up or failing cooling components
  • Newly installed software or hardware
  • Normal wear and tear


What could happen if I don’t do anything?

Consequences of not fixing your blue screens of death problem could cause the following problems:

  • Continued crashing of your computer’s operating system
  • Slow computer performance
  • Data loss – Warning: If not caught in time, data loss can be permanent
  • Expensive data recovery costs if your hard drive fails and you want your data recovered
  • Rash actions to buy a new computer when your old computer may just need a replacement part. Repairing your current computer generally costs less than the total cost of purchasing a new computer
  • Further damage to other computer parts


What can EasyITGuys do?

  • Diagnose and repair blue screens of death
  • Recover and rescue lost, deleted, or damaged data
  • Restore your computer back to factory specifications and performance
  • Perform hardware diagnostics to test your computer for hardware defects
  • Replace defective hardware as needed
  • Scan and repair registry errors and problems
  • Scan and remove viruses and spyware
  • Setup and perform maintenance on your computer to keep it running fast
  • Find and repair windows errors
  • Restore safety and security back to your computer
  • Optimize your computer
  • Prevent future infections by installing preventative software
  • Install all critical security and windows updates
  • Teach you safe computing
  • Recommend and install hardware upgrades to keep your computer fast and current
  • Create magic restore points
  • Install, configure, update, and test your hardware to ensure full functionality for your system
  • Troubleshoot and fix your hardware installation problem
  • Install all software titles that come with the hardware
  • Cleanup any installation errors and problems on your computer related to the current hardware being installed
  • Recycle your old computer or take your computer on trade for a new computer
  • Help you find a new computer
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