Our wall of LOVE speaks for itself

Cindy Daiker Avatar
Very patient with me, and my old computer. Explained everything to me so we could work together!!!
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Cindy Daiker 5/24/2024
Dave O-1 Avatar
I wasn't sure these guys would be willing to repair my aging big gaming laptop, but they did. They're expertise is impressive and their ongoing progress reports and followup was very professional and timely. They have gained a new customer for sure!
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Dave O-1 5/20/2024
Marcia M. Marquardt Avatar
Jay, connected to my computer today -and helped me complete tasks we identified where I needed application and understanding. He was patient, and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the service and security Easy IT Guys provide.
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Marcia M. Marquardt 5/08/2024
Wisconsin Dog Guard Avatar
I called and spoke to Garret and told him my issues with my desktop . He told me to bring my desktop in when I took a look at it right away and solved my issue I would highly recommend
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Wisconsin Dog Guard 5/07/2024
Anne Tuttle Avatar
We encountered a prompt on my computer that said I needed to call Microsoft Technicians to fix...I did and they told me I had been hacked and they would help me by calling my bank and credit card companies... while they were talking to me my husband called the It Guys... they told me how hang up and how to fix my computer simply... we told them to bill us and they said "No charge"... instant relief for their help... totally recommend
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Anne Tuttle 5/05/2024
Allen Peek Avatar
Jay H was super friendly, professional and efficient. He answered all our questions even the ones we didn't know to ask. He explained everything well even though we don't understand technology as one might hope. He brought out different computers so we could not only hear what he was saying but see what he was saying. We are fortunate to have a contract with Easy IT Guys so when things go wrong we can get them taken care of without breaking the bank. Jay advised us to bring the computer in to keep from losing data. He took a quick look and gave us an idea of what was going on. Put our mind at ease and played out several scenarios for what would happen next. We have come to expect great customer service and quality work form them and they deliver every time. Grateful to have found them.
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Allen Peek 5/05/2024
Marcia M Avatar
Jay, connected to my computer today -and helped me complete tasks we identified I needed further understanding. He was patient, and very knowledgeable. I am pleased with the service Easy IT Guys provide.
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Marcia M 5/02/2024
Surisadai R Avatar
Was having problems with my computer and some other issues and Justin helped me fix them very quickly and was very helpful.
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Surisadai R 3/20/2024
Cecelia Jayme Avatar
Great service. Explained each step and kept me advised of process. Completed the work ahead of estimated date. I would definitely recommend them!
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Cecelia Jayme 2/16/2024
Kathryn L Avatar
Really great to work with. My computer was not working at all and they fix it!
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Kathryn L 2/14/2024
Nicole F Avatar
Jay helped me get my scanner connected to my computer and showed me some extra tips where to rotate the paper on the screen. He also helped show me how to get the background colors to what I wanted them to be. Very friendly and amazing to work with!
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Nicole F 2/14/2024
Carol Lenhart Avatar
Jay addressed all my issues and everything is working fine now.
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Carol Lenhart 2/11/2024
Elizabeth Baxter Avatar
Garrett answered all of my questions, researched as needed, completed all of the items needing review. Great job!
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Elizabeth Baxter 2/03/2024
John Parsons Avatar
The helped me with all my questions and got me the information I needed
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John Parsons 2/02/2024
Neysa C Avatar
My 11 year old son thought he could build a gaming computer on his own and let's just say it didn't go so well. We brought the computer in and they got it up and running. They sent us videos of what was wrong and how they were fixing it, which was a great learning experience for my son. Super friendly staff and great customer service.
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Neysa C 2/01/2024
Vicki Pomeroy Avatar
Very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful guys!
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Vicki Pomeroy 1/30/2024
Nicole F Avatar
Garrett and Jay were amazing while working with me. I was not able to get my computer to download a picture that I saved to ****** drive from my iphone and they were able to figure it out AND help me turn my iphone settings for the camera app so I no longer will have the issue anymore!
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Nicole F 1/30/2024
Gloria S Avatar
Garrett, from Easy IT Guys, is absolutely amazing! Great customer service, very knowledgeable, very professional and very personable. I highly recommend Garrett and Easy IT Guys to anyone who owns a computer. The safety protocols Easy IT Guys have in place are excellent and the training and security information they provide is second to none. I highly recommend Easy IT Guys! ****************
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Gloria S 1/29/2024
Vicki P Avatar
The best IT guys! Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Thank you especially Chuck and Garret!
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Vicki P 1/26/2024
April W Avatar
Stellar customer service, prompt and comprehensive evaluations, thorough work. I have never experienced as much satisfaction with a business EVER. They really are a phenomenal business. I am a devoted happy customer!
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April W 1/12/2024
BECKY E Avatar
Thanks again, IT GUYS! (Jarod & Chuck) Once again today you've fixed our problem! 🙂 It's always a pleasure doing business with you All. Being a MEMBER, is a very wise choice, it has taking the weight off our shoulders!! Until next time..... 🙂 Thanks *********************************
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BECKY E 1/10/2024
Deb Hall Avatar
Andrew was very helpful with the dilemma I found myself in. He found my missing file and my stress level dropped immediately. Thank you!
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Deb Hall 1/05/2024
Debbie Sylvester Avatar
We have been using EasyITGuys, both personally and in our business for over 10 years! We are seniors and technologically challenged. The professionalism, knowledge, patience and prompt attention they have and continue to provide is exceptional!!! I cannot stress enough how pleased we are with their top notch Customer Service! A very special shout out to Justin who is always quick to respond to our needs and goes the extra mile to help us out when we call. Thank you so much!
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Debbie Sylvester 12/25/2023
Han Huisman Avatar
I came to them with my computer (Microsoft) where the cursor disappeared at random moments and makes the computer useless. It was a long search but in the end they found the solution for this issue. With the installment of anti virus program and an update of the Microsoft software, my computer was as new. Thanks EasyITGuys for your commitment and motivation to solve the problems. Dr. .Han Huisman (Molecular Virologist and Material Artist)
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Han Huisman 11/25/2023
Jackson Avatar
We've used Easy IT Guys for our business IT needs for over 10 years. Their team is always great to work with.
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Jackson 11/17/2023
Fred A Avatar
We are in good hands. Once again, a small-ish but potential problem went away in a few minutes with these guys. An issue comes up, a phone call and on-line session and we are back to normal.
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Fred A 10/31/2023
Kaysie Streff Avatar
Andrew fixed my issued. As always with respect and was courteous.. as I always without easit guys would not have a computer
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Kaysie Streff 10/26/2023
Ray Gunderson Avatar
10-20-2023 Andrew and Garrett are SUPER. Very patient, easy to work with and knowledgeable. We give these guys a 10+ rating. Your lucky to have them.
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Ray Gunderson 10/21/2023
April Moore Avatar
Great Customer service
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April Moore 10/09/2023
Grace M Avatar
9/25/2023 Had a telephone service call for remote installation for my printer. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and most of all, patient with me and didn't make me feel like a computer idiot (which I am). What a wonderful employee!! No wonder we've been with your company for such a long time. Keep up the good work, it is certainly appreciated for those 80 years and older.
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Grace M 10/04/2023
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