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Here at EasyITGuys, we always put our clients first. It’s no wonder we’ve been around for 6+ years serving the communities of polk county with quality technology repairs and IT services. We want to hear about your recent experience at EasyITGuys. Whether you’ve recently bought a new computer or had routine maintenance completed, we’d really appreciate it if you told us how much you love us or ways we can improve.

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It’s very easy! Just click on the icons below (they open a new window) to leave your review! We aim for complete satisfaction and 5 star reviews from all of our clients. If you feel that you haven’t received a 5 star experience, please contact us so we can assist you to reach the expected service level. If there is anything you need immediate assistance on or have questions about, please call us at 651-400-8567 or email us using our quick, online contact us form. Our IT Experts are standing by!

Tip: In order to review us, you will need to have an account at the website(s) that you will be reviewing us on. Signing up and creating an account is generally a very fast process. We do appreciate you and your time very much. We appreciate your help and your business!